The Book of Dirt Trailers!

The Book of Dirt Trailers!

With just over a fortnight to go before The Book Of Dirt hits the shelves, now’s the time to check out the first couple of trailers in the series.

The Book of Dirt: Jakub and Daša 

Bram’s grandparents, Jakub and Daša, took their stories to the grave. It was only years after they died that Bram happened upon a newspaper article purporting to tell Jakub’s extraordinary story and set him on the search to discover the truth. So began the eight year quest to uncover and reimagine what lay beneath the silence.

The Book of Dirt: A Grandson’s Search

A walk through the abandoned spaces of Theresienstadt and Birkenau. During his search, Bram was granted unprecedented access into the usually off-limits abandoned spaces of Theresienstadt. Then, when visiting Birkenau, he found his way into a closed off subcamp, the same place where Jakub had been imprisoned seventy years beforehand.