No News is Lots of News

No News is Lots of News

Apologies for the radio silence – I’ve been in my usual summer hibernation mode for the past month and a half. Lots to tell, though!

The Wheeler Centre just released their new program and I’m excited to be part of The Next Big Thing event on March 19. Come along to hear Marija Pericic, Kelly Gardiner and I chat with Stella Charls about the strange ways fact and fiction collide in our writing. Check out the details and book your free tickets here!

The Australian Book Review ran a feature where publishers picked their favourite books of 2017 that weren’t published by them, and I was humbled to see Barry Scott from Transit Lounge choose The Book of Dirt. Transit Lounge publish so many books and authors that I admire, so it was a real thrill to round out a great year. Check out the feature here.

I also did a great fun interview with Jennifer Wong on ABC Radio National‘s new arts show, The Hub. For once I wasn’t crapping on about my book, but about a book I love and collect obsessively (I have 18 different editions). Put it in your ears here!

Another thoughtful (and rather wonderful) review came courtesy of The Wayward Girls Book Club, which you can check out here.

And, last but not least, I uploaded the original Prologue to The Book of Dirt for anyone who likes absurd, meta playfulness with their heavy meditations on memory and storytelling. Have a read (and a laugh) over here!

Other than that it’s been a quiet one. Ah… summer in Melbourne. Bliss.