What a couple of weeks! More great reviews in The Age/Sydney Morning Herald and The Australian. Check them out here. That brings review season to something of an end, so I made a little picture pulling them together.

I also had an amazing time in Brisbane launching The Book of Dirt at Avid Reader Bookstore. Thanks to Jerath Head from Griffith Review for a thoroughly enjoyable In Conversation, to Chris, Danika and Gareth at 4ZZZ and to everyone who came along.

It’s one of my last events for the year this Wednesday, at The Bad Diaries Salon. I’ll be reading from my unpublished mystery masterpiece *cough cough*, THE RIGHT SNUFF, written when I was twelve and foisted upon my long-suffering English teacher at the time, Ms. Swaitlo. Also reading from their childhood works (well, mostly diaries) will be Jane Rawson, Patrick Allington, Jo Case, and Alice Robinson. Be sure to come along and laugh heartily at our expense.