Praising the Dirt

Here’s what some writers have said about The Book of Dirt:

‘An immense work of love and anger, a book Bram Presser was born to write.’
JOAN LONDON, author of The Golden Age.

‘Working in the wake of writers like Modiano and Safran Foer, Presser brilliantly shows how fresh facts can derail old truths, how fiction can amplify memory. A smart and tender meditation on who we become when we attempt to survive survival.’
MIREILLE JUCHAU, author of The World Without Us

‘The Book of Dirt is a grandson’s tender act of devotion, the product of a quest to rescue family voices from the silence, to bear witness, drawing on legend, journey and history, and shaped by extraordinary storytelling.’
ARNOLD ZABLE, author of The Fighter.

‘A beautiful literary mind.’
A.S. PATRIĆ, Miles Franklin Award winning author of Black Rock White City.

‘In The Book of Dirt the fractured lines of memory create a gripping story of survival and love.’
LEAH KAMINSKY, author of The Waiting Room

‘An impressive and captivating story of remembrance, a journey into the past for the sake of deciphering our present.’
DAŠA DRNDIĆ, author of Trieste.