Rags to Rags

While touring Israel with Yidcore, Bram and Tim (Yidcore’s bassist) spent a lot of time hanging at local falafel stands. One night, they met local reprobates Yonatan and Asaf. Turns out Yonatan played drums in Israeli death metal legends Arallu and Asaf played guitar in the then-fledgling Israeli hardcore band Soon In Here.

Fast forward a year. Yonatan and Asaf came to Australia on a holiday visa, which they breached from the outset selling crappy reproduction artwork door-to-door and making hummus at local shwarma shops. Seriously. In their spare time, bored punks will do what bored punks will do. They hung with Bram and Tim, and Rags To Rags was born. The band recorded one EP, featuring the anti-emo hit “Your Fringe My Fist”, which was distributed through indie record stores with support from Triple J’s Short Fast Loud . Then Yonatan and Asaf were deported. And that was that.