Published Works

Crumbs: A Story.
Winner of The Age Short Story Award 2011. Republished in Best Australian Stories 2012 and Award Winning Australian Writing 2012.

Bait For Bookworms.
A collection of musings, rants and considered opinions on all things literary.

Here’s the real reason we met: I wanted to see her to discuss the progress of her book, in which I, she often reminded me, was the central character. When she first rattled off the plot, she could barely contain herself. A writer finds himself in some squalid jail, possibly of his own creation, for killing the woman who wrote him into existence. ‘I don’t want to be too deterministic with another person’s life,’ she said, ‘so we’ll see how it goes.’
From “The Prisoner of Babel”. Story published in The Sleepers Almanac Vol. 7.

From deep within the wounded earth, a hand of pitch blackness rose up and reached towards us, its fingers seeming to draw our car into its clutches. Dad tightened his grip on the wheel. The darkness came over us, stinging our nostrils and scraping at our eyes. It came like eternal night, a deathly moan carried on the wind. There was no colour, only grey. Grey road, grey hills, grey trees, grey sky… I leaned over the dashboard and looked up. A dull glow. The sun… Something was not right. It was just past midday.
From “Esther: Outside The Box”. A Young Adult Novella. Part of The Third Space series.

I tore strips from the garments of the huddled mass, stretched them across small wooden frames so that I could practise. I was pleased with what I saw. Layer upon layer, it defied perspective. Each scene disappeared into the next until they all seemed like one. Drawn from death the ash had come too life.
From “The Brief, Sad Tale of Yitziik Berenhauer”. Story Published in Higher Arc (Issue 4).

The Arthouse: A Festering Oasis In The Melbourne Night
A parting reflection on the home of Melbourne’s live punk scene.